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It is now 13.30Hrs. They are decapitating Djelloui, who had just been transferred a few days ago from the BENSALA camp of OUED EL ALEUG. This will be done following the rules, with successive razor cuts just a millimeter at the time. Every cut see Djelloui gasping towards the heaven, this more like a call for help.

He knows, thousands of calls like his are coming from Algeria for the last weeks. But who will listen? Or will no one, never anyone, answer it ?

For Ournader Abdelkader they find something else: he is butchered with pliers. A real artistic work, or at least an artisan one. The fellagha does his job well, and just stop on the right leg to start with the belly. The first strips of brown flesh are torn off. Ournader chest still intact pants every time. He tries in vain to get loose, as he is tied spread eagle by 4 big sticks in the ground.

The same has been applied since the morning to his father, Ournader Hocine. Wounded in war(Italie-France-Germany) officer of the Legion of Honour, elderman. Being older, Hocine died around 1100Hrs.

Then they get the Lagha Salah family. All the family: his mother, his wife, his kids. And in front of them they assassinated Lagha with pick blows. At first just to maim him, save for some blows that live deep wounds in his chin and right cheek. The coup de grace was given at aroud 2100Hrs, first in the head then in the heart. The family, standing up close, had to assist to this scene without a word.

The author of these abominations is well known: he is called" Commandant Mokhtar".

"An absolute revolting sadism" so particular of crimes with blades. Yesterday these wretched loved France…Today is the turn of postwomen and humble pensioners.

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