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The French who ask the government to put a real stop to illegal immigration and to expel those who neither can nor will integrate, only speak out of good sense and are not as blood thirsty than yesterday’s terrorists and their accomplices, who play today the good apostles of the multi racial society, that is to say not french.

"Leave the country, leave arab Algeria, before we chase you out, before we throw you out as wild and worthless animals".

"The initial and fundamental factor that is to decide the french to leave and run away, is a climate of perpetual terror and perpetual fear".

(Arab Radios)

In 1985 there is no more 1 million french in North Africa, but 4 to 5 millions arabs in France, amongst whom the harkis families, shamelessly and unjustly forgotten are only but a minority. The new immigrants are more numerous, not counting the illegal. "And amongst those how many agitators and terrorists who are waiting for the right time".

We hope that no one, foreigner or french, thinks of saying to them, now that the torturers are guarantied to get life only as death penalty has been abolished:

"The initial and fundamental factor that must decide the French to accept you and to submit to your will, is a climate of perpetual terror and perpetual fear".

"As, for the prophets of blood mixing, Algeria has the right to be arab, but France has no right any more to stay French".

Salmi Ahmed, 60 y/o, massacred with his wife and 5 children, his eyes gouged before being strangulated.

" My brothers do not only kill, mutilate too "

Torture and massacre of 3 European children.

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