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De Gaulle
One must think that these occult orders are much feared for the arrivist politicians of all side, as even the french president Jacques Chirac stated that France will be a moslem power. And the program of the so called opposition is as unclear about the crucial problem of immigration, of which it is an accomplice when it was in power.

The french of 1985, and of course the ones who will vote in 1986 and 1988, carry a heavy responsibility for history: that they have in their hands the futur and identity of french France. Their children will judge them in view of the France they will inherit.

When lucid men were saying that when France will leave Algeria and Sahara, that will only bring about war and misery in this place of the world, all the PC insulted them. All around the Sahara there is now war, hunger and misery.

When the same men were saying that to give Algeria and Sahara to the FLN was not peace but a great victory for marxism in its war against the west, the same PC insulted them.

Who was right?

When the same men want to warn their fellow country men against uncontrolled immigration, the same traitors want to gagged them.


Two moslems victims, throat slit like a rite as the lamb for Tabaski.

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