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De Gaulle
As finnaly, it is not only french interest that we are talking about. These french interests even disappear for those, even more essentials of Europe and the western world in general. In North Africa the last act of that tragedy, that is the end of european culture, is being played today, …and directly attack right now the very european substance". From Luxemburg Wort

In this year of 1985, in his mosoleum on the Red Square, an embalmed corpse sneers: named Lenin, who had set up the strategy of marxist conquest:

"The road to Paris goes through Saigon and Algiers".

Lenin disciples and their"french" accomplices, the suitcase carriers of sinister memory - and who today are very proud of their deeds- have won recognition by the world revolution. France has abandonned Algeria to FLN and Algeria FLN infiltrate France same as the suitcase carriers, the shameless intelectuals and politicians, have infiltrated the state and medias especially under the rule of President Giscard d’Estaing since 10 May 1981.

They are the same shameless intelectuals and politicians who, after working with a fistful of terrorists to chase France from North Africa, encourage today the arabs to come to France in even greater number.

They are the same who are today scheming to give right to vote to immigrants, because the left has no other mean to impose its will onto the french, than submerge their votes under the foreigner’s; than lean today on those it was helping yesterday against France, and with contempt for all the innocent blood. How many suitcases that contained arms, bombs, and money to pay for the bombs?

They are the same shameless intelectuals, who with a quasi freudian hatred of their own country, by interest or to obey to a somewhat occult order they dare not disobey, try their best to disolve french France as to substitute a pseudo "multiracial society" that will only profite to anti french racists, to anti western fanatics and international maffia.


29 October 1956, moslems workers who, even under FLN interdict, were going to their work place: a working site of the Main Road Dept at douar BENI-OUARSOUS, near MONTAGNAC (WEST ORAN), were victims of an attentat by the FLN. Here is what is left of two of them after the torturers butchered them alive

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